CoverI always like to start my blog posts off by coming up with the title, but I had trouble coming up with something suitable for today’s post and that, in and of itself, is disconcerting. In other words, sorry for the lame title. 😉

So, where should I start?

Well, today is my authorversary. On April 29 of last year, I published my first novel, Doctor’s Orders, and Jaye Elise was born. At that point, I still hadn’t told my husband that I was a published author and I already had another book in the pipeline. All in all, it’s been an exciting year! Three solo novels published, three more with my amazing co-author, Jack Crosby, and a short story in a Christmas anthology…not too shabby. And this doesn’t even include the Wicked Daddy-inspired stories I’ve been posting! 😉

I’ve made some amazing friends over the past year as well, including you, dear readers! A few who readily come to mind are the aforementioned Jack (bacon lover and cheerleader extraordinaire!), Katie Douglas, Wicked Daddy, Gracie Malling, Marlee Wray, Philip Mitchell Stein, Ruth Storm, J.B. Crown, Seanna Cullen…and the list could keep growing! What a pleasure it is to learn, grow, and share ideas with you all!

It’s a bittersweet day, though, and there’s really no hiding that fact. Without overdramatizing my situation, I wouldn’t call what I’m going through right now “writer’s block”…it’s more like “writer’s paralysis”. I’ve bought loads of my friends’ publications and have them ready to go on my iPad…but I can’t bear to read them. I’ve got four or five novels in various stages of development…but I can’t even open the documents to see what a shambles they are. I’ve got suggestions, support, and recommendations about moving forward coming in from all across my network (thank you, by the way)…but it’s falling on deaf ears.

I haven’t written—really written—in months.

I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m not a creative type. I don’t obsess about my “craft” because I don’t have a craft to obsess about. It’s simple. I like smut. And I like writing quality smut that resonates with people. I’m pretty sure I’ve done that.

At some point, I’m sure I’ll do it again.

Now is not that point.

Broken Woman


A Few Observations on My Authorversary

12 thoughts on “A Few Observations on My Authorversary

  1. “I don’t have a craft to obsess about. It’s simple. I like smut. And I like writing quality smut that resonates with people.”
    I love this. I need to find more time in my schedule to expand my reading. I always appreciate your like of my blog. Thank you.
    Dont try too hard. It’s not a craft… its just fun 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I value your friendship so much too! xoxo. Sorry I haven’t been around as much lately. Life gets crazy sometimes.

    As for the lag in your writing mojo, I’ve found that an ebb and flow is fairly normal for me. I write a ton. Then take a little time for other things. Then come back with passion. I’m hoping and betting it’ll be the same for you. You’ve done SO much in just a year. Sometimes the muse just needs a little time to wander. She’ll be back. Big BIG hugs!

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  3. Saddest of times. 😦 I’m in a similar place with reading. Every time I try to read my guilt kicks in and my brain’s like, “You’re supposed to be a full-time author; go get some authoring done,” then I can’t. I feel like my Kindle is currently becoming a collection of shiny pennies. Writing… also currently problematic. I have stuff I already finished which I’m bringing out soon, and a billion plans and false starts, but nothing is gelling. If I figure out the solution I’ll let you know. But hey, congrats on your authorversary. You know, I hear some authors *cough* George RR Martin *cough* write fewer than one book a year… so if we look at averages, given that you have about six books out now(?) you have another six to twelve years to write the next one. And hey, since we both already wrote lots of tasty orange juice, and with all the lemons life is throwing, my view is that with a minimal outlay on sugar and bottles, we could outsell Minute Maid’s entire product line, soon. 😉

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  4. Thanks for the shout-out Jaye!

    What you are going through is common, I think. I have been there myself.

    There is a lot of pressure to be “on”, to be marketing the next “offering” and to keep the “brand” going. Sometimes we need to rest and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. If you wonder when your creative spark will come back, I say, don’t worry.

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