J. B. Crown MiniHello all!

I’ve got quite a special guest with me on today’s Triple Play Q&A author spotlight in that I consider him not only a talented author, but also a dear friend. While J.B. Crown and I may never have met in person, we’ve spent considerable time discussing the nuances of writing and erotic fiction, fond memories of our respective travels and well-executed office pranks, and why Romancing the Stone might very well be the most perfect movie in the history of ever! 

After publishing a number of sexy, heartfelt erotic short stories, J.B. has just released his first full full-length novel—S.I.R.E.N.S—and it’s available on Amazon now! 

If you’re looking for your next great read, or simply hoping to spend a few minutes getting to know one of the wittiest authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, look no further!

Welcome to the Triple Play Q&A, J.B.!

Hi there, I’m erotic short story (and now full length novelist) writer, J. B. Crown. I’ve been on quite a journey to reach my present life situation. People who ask about my background as an erotic author, are often dumbfounded when they discover I was once a church minister! My early twenties saw me temporarily leave my native England to attend an Evangelical bible college in the USA. From there I spent some time as a minister and missionary in the Caribbean, Africa, and back home. Between that and becoming an erotica author, there were fifteen years in policing and four as an independent consultant to the service. From chandelier-swinging bible thumper to literary-swinging smut scribe. There’s a fair story in the middle of all that, as you might expect…

I have written in different genres under other names. Erotica is a fairly new topic for me, and one that I decided to explore out of curiosity more than anything else. Originally it seemed like a fun vehicle for knocking out (pun intended) quick and easy ‘splooge lit,’ for those who just enjoy a bit of disposable titillation. However, along the way I found myself increasingly burning with a desire to get a proper story in there too, and take my characters further. My new work, ‘S.I.R.E.N.S’ does just that, marking a significant divergence from earlier pieces as a full-length erotic action/adventure romance novel.

S.I.R.E.N.S Mini‘S.I.R.E.N.S’ has a bit of everything: action, adventure, chases, escapes, gunfights, betrayal, revenge, hand to hand combat, big World War 2 set pieces, an accurate historical setting, romance, loss, sentimentality, hot sex covering a variety of tastes and topics, plus an ongoing central love story woven throughout.

It is often said that writers never finish their books, they only abandon them. As big-headed as this might unfortunately sound, ‘S.I.R.E.N.S’ is actually everything I dreamt it could be while formulating the concept. I am very happy with the final product. Hopefully my readers will be too!

The book gave me an opportunity to do something I have wanted for a long time: write a fictional, sexy adventure story featuring the women of S.O.E – the British Special Operations Executive formed at the behest of Winston Churchill to conduct clandestine warfare against the Axis.

The role of women in conflict at that time was largely communications, logistics and nursing; not front-line fighting. S.O.E. had around 3,200 female staff, many of whom became agents and made the ultimate sacrifice overseas in a job with a life expectancy of only six weeks. With 2018 being the year in which we celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage, it seemed the ideal moment for my project.

In the book, you will meet four incredible young ladies from diverse backgrounds and places: Elsa Vogl (Austria), Sophie Mayeaux (France), Jessica Martin (England), and Carlotta Bianchi (Italy). Their individual backstories and mutual hatred of the Nazis bring them together, just as S.O.E. are forming a special, dedicated female unit called ‘S.I.R.E.N.S.’ The squad is being created for one audacious mission that dovetails with the ‘Crossbow’ operations already being conducted. It is expected to be a ‘one night stand’ in every sense of the term, almost certainly proving terminal for the new recruits.

FUN FACT: My best friend and I once performed an emergency, rough weather light aircraft landing at Altenrhein airfield in Switzerland, which features in the book. Visibility had dropped to almost nothing, and a rainstorm swept across from the Pfänder in Austria (a mountain I have hiked down and which overlooks Elsa’s fictitious village). We came in too high, but there was no time for a go-around in the rapidly deteriorating conditions. Just as we put the Cessna down on the deck, a heavy crosswind picked us up at an angle and slammed the bird back into the tarmac. We were both okay, but it knocked out our landing lights.

Thanks for the candid, riveting introduction, J.B.! I can’t decide who I’d rather meet in person, your incredible heroines or you! 😉 And now it’s time for your Triple Play!

What does your writing space look like when you’re in the thick of a project?

I like a calm, reasonably tidy environment and usually write in my study. I’m not one for scribbling on bits of paper (though I used to be), typically penning rough ideas onto an iPad which sits alongside my laptop for reference.

If you want to know what my writing space looks like at the end of the current book, you will find a photo below. Sitting on the laptop is a proper Fairbairn-Sykes British commando fighting knife, as given-to and used-by the ‘S.I.R.E.N.S’ in the book.PC FS Mini

What are three things you can’t live without and why?

SOLITUDE – I’m an introvert and HSP, so it’s like air to me!

BUCOLIC SURROUNDINGS – I enjoyed my time living in Dallas and other places, but I suffer if away from the rustic environs of home for too long. I’m an English country boy from Kent, otherwise known as ‘The Garden of England.’ I live in a little country town that pre-dates the Roman invasion, and went to school on a farm in a picturesque valley near where Julius Caesar camped.

FISH & CHIPS – Once you’ve had proper English Fish & Chips, life is never the same again.

If you ran into your thirteen year-old self, what piece of solid advice would you give him?

My thirteen year-old self? That would have to be: tugging is a lot more fun when a girl is doing it for you! (Can I say that on this blog?)*

Honestly, I’ve often pondered a question like this. When I look at the choices I have made, I know my life could look a lot different (not to mention financially more prosperous) had I been given pointers by my older self. Yet at the same time, those choices made me who I am today. There are things I missed out on that others enjoyed, yet I have done more with my life than many of those people ever will. Classic: ‘you pays your money and you takes your choice,’ I suppose.

If there was a solid piece of advice for my thirteen year-old self, it would be this: ‘Time passes quickly. Don’t be afraid to try something new.’

Life naturally gets in the way, and mundane activities cause weeks, months and years to blur into one. That’s just a necessary part of our existence, unless you’re lucky enough to be minted and have servants! It’s when I look back that I notice life seems less ‘wasted’ as I reflect on the new experiences I had a go at. It can be something as small as visiting a different restaurant, attending an event I’ve never been to, trying an unusual hobby I might not have considered before etc. I’m the kind of person who finds comfort in the calm and familiar. Yet, it’s the times I’ve pushed myself out of that comfort zone (for whatever reason) that new vistas have eventually opened up with their associated joy and life rewards. It’s advice I still need to remind myself of.

Jaye’s Notes: Yes, you can. You most certainly can. 😉

TSC Cover MiniThank you, J.B., for joining me today for the Triple Play Q&A, and congratulations on your new release! I’ve already got my copy loaded on my Kindle and ready to go! I’m hopeful that you, dear readers, have gotten a taste of J.B. Crown’s humor, intelligence, and charm. Please give his writing a go—you won’t be disappointed! If you’d like to find out even more about J.B., are curious to see a promo trailer for S.I.R.E.N.S., or would be interested in picking up some of his fantastic publications, please click around the links below and go to town!


Triple Play Q&A with J.B. Crown

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