Ball GownOur girl wrapped herself up in glamour and lace,
Painted makeup all over her pretty face.
The sassy Cinderella went to the ball,
But the people there didn’t know her at all.

They’d no idea of the stories within,
Her brain teeming with all manner of titillating sin.
She wanted to sit back and write their tales,
To uncover the naughty truths behind their veils.

Jonathan looked like he enjoyed a nice threesome,
And Mariana secretly craved to take it in the bum.
Steven wished he were there with the gorgeous waiter,
While Jen fought it out with the plug and tried to walk straighter.

But our girl put on her smile and told her jokes,
She giggled with the ladies and flirted with the blokes.
She thought she had them all nailed down,
Until she felt His eyes fixed on her figure and gown.

He watched her from across the room,
Never moving toward her, never dared to assume.
He saw beneath her carefully crafted façade,
Apparently unsure whether to censure or applaud.

Our girl melted beneath his gaze,
Caught red-handed by the only one who knew her crafty ways.
She smoldered and blushed in all her glory,
For she was now the heroine in someone else’s story.


Some Naughty Couplets from the Ball

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