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This Saturday, Stormy Night Publications will release my fifth novel (and second collaboration with the incomparable Jack Crosby)—I couldn’t be more excited! Running Wild—a standalone follow-up to Rules of the Wild is the second novel in our Alaskan series and this one takes our readers even deeper into the harsh landscape of the Alaskan interior.

Running Wild features Rudolf Wyatt, Tobias’s younger, more impulsive (yet equally firm-handed) brother, and Jordyn Maxwell, a former biathlete and Olympic hopeful. Rudolf and Jordyn are two of ten contestants in the infamous Chimney Run 600 Sled Dog Race.

And they can’t stand each other.

While navigating one of the toughest, most treacherous courses of the mushing circuit—running from North Pole, Alaska to Anchorage—Jordyn and Rudolf will have to find a way to work together to fight the challenging course, the elements, and someone seemingly determined to ensure they don’t reach the finish line. From enemies to lovers to competitors, will they be able to defy the odds and learn to trust each other once they’re thrust into some of the most grueling conditions they’ve ever encountered?

Here’s a nice, steamy excerpt to whet your naughty appetite… Enjoy! 😉

When you’re used to being the best at whatever you set your mind to, sometimes it takes a strong hand to remind you that you can’t do everything. You can’t take the whole world on your shoulders. You can’t make it through this life on your own.

I was starting to suspect that Wyatt was the strong hand I needed. And as I stared into his gray eyes and ran my hand along his scruffy cheek and up through his crazy mop of hair, a subtle shift in body position let me know that Wyatt was thinking the same thing.

Trailing my hand down the defined line bisecting his pecs and torso, guided only by touch as we were under the covers, I let my fingers come to rest on the substantial bulge in his boxer briefs. His sharp intake of breath answered my silent question: Do you want this…with me?

With a quick shift of his body, he hovered above me, using his knees to spread my toned thighs as wide as they would go. Supporting his weight with one arm, he reached down and stripped his boxers off, leaving them buried in the sheets. He then began tugging on the bottom of my shirt—his shirt—to bare my entire body to him.

We took our time, even with the feeble amounts of light available to us, to take in the sight of each other’s body. Wyatt was sleek and furry, a natural firmness to each of his muscles and his toned ass. And once I was able to get a full look under the covers, my eyes confirmed what my fingers already suspected.

Rudolf Wyatt had a gorgeous piece—large, somewhat intimidating for a tiny woman like me—but gorgeous. As I licked my lips in anticipation of being filled by him, he broke the silence between us.

“You’re beautiful, little one. Christ, you’re so beautiful.” Leaning down, but careful not to crush me with his weight, he wrapped his arms around me and, after adding “So beautiful and so strong,” pressed his lips to mine.

His mouth was softer than any musher’s had the right to be and he devoured me as if he’d just returned from the racing run of his life. Wyatt clearly didn’t half-ass anything. And I was right there with him. Especially after he’d called me his “little one.”

Tilting my hips against his and trapping his erection between my thighs, I snaked my fingers through his hair, pulling him against me, and darted my tongue between his lips, savoring the taste of him.

Pausing the kiss momentarily, he pulled back, his eyes clouded with lust and awe. “I want to do this, but I don’t want to hurt you, little one.” It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one with reservations about how I’d be able to take his cock.

“I trust you, Rudolf. I trust you and I know you’ll never hurt me. Just please, please let me feel you.”

With a nod and a final stroke along my cheek with the back of his hand, Wyatt shifted to my side and began gathering my wetness with his fingers, trailing it along my slit and circling it around my tight, needy clit. I was so aroused from the spanking and the make-out session, we both understood lubrication wouldn’t be an issue.

Sliding a finger, then two, into my snug pussy, he explored me with an intensity I’d only ever seen in other competitive sportsmen. As I writhed around his digits, he kept my thighs spread, the trimmed thatch of my pubic hair exposed, my body arching into every last twist and pump of his fingers. Latching on to one of my hardened nipples, he pulled it between his teeth, staying just on the pleasurable side of pain before sliding a third finger into me.

“Grab your legs and hold yourself open for me, little one. Hold yourself open and relax.” He got to his knees between my legs, using the droplets of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock to slide himself, up and down, along my wetness. “Deep breath and let it out for me, Jordyn.”

I did as he commanded—as if I’d been responding to his body and commands for time eternal—and he nudged himself inside me, not relenting until he was fully seated in my pussy. The feral whine he drew from my lips shocked the hell out of me, but the last thing in the world I wanted was for him to stop.

“Please…please, sir, don’t stop,” I pleaded with him.

“Never, Jordyn, never…” Coaxing me to hook my thighs around his midsection, he slid into me, time and time again with long, powerful strokes, taking me, filling me, and breaking me with excruciating precision. And with each downward thrust, as he bottomed out against my sore, sensitive cervix, I released a tiny whimper that propelled him to keep punishing me in the most perfect way possible. The jolting pain quickly morphed to pleasure—much like the spankings I’d taken from him—and I was sucker-punched by an unexpected orgasm.

Grabbing onto the corner of the pillow beneath me, I shoved it in my mouth and bit down, screaming my release into the downy softness.

“That’s my girl,” he grunted as he upped his tempo. “Now, give me another one. I want to feel you come around me as I fill you.”

His words were all the encouragement I needed as I felt my slick pussy constrict around him and milk his cock as he found his release, buried to the hilt in my sated sex.

Barely twenty-four hours ago this man wouldn’t give me the time of day, yet now, as he slid out of me and spooned his slackening body against mine, kissing my ear lobe, cheek, and shoulder before he turned off the lamp, Rudolf Wyatt had just given me the most powerful erotic experience I’d ever known.

This was beyond the competition, beyond the nerves, beyond the typical athletes’ urges.

This was real.

And in just a couple of days, we would be pitted against each other in the Chimney Run.

How were we supposed to deal with that?

We can’t wait to share Running Wild with you, so keep an eye out for our new release coming this Saturday! Also, if you haven’t met Tobias, Rudolf’s taciturn bear of an older brother, allow me to recommend you grab a copy of Rules of the Wild and start off your journey with the Wyatt family with the first title in the series!

Rudolf Wyatt

Sexy Excerpt from Running Wild, My Upcoming Release with Jack Crosby!

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