Some Naughty Couplets from the Ball

Ball GownOur girl wrapped herself up in glamour and lace,
Painted makeup all over her pretty face.
The sassy Cinderella went to the ball,
But the people there didn’t know her at all.

They’d no idea of the stories within,
Her brain teeming with all manner of titillating sin.
She wanted to sit back and write their tales,
To uncover the naughty truths behind their veils.

Jonathan looked like he enjoyed a nice threesome,
And Mariana secretly craved to take it in the bum.
Steven wished he were there with the gorgeous waiter,
While Jen fought it out with the plug and tried to walk straighter.

But our girl put on her smile and told her jokes,
She giggled with the ladies and flirted with the blokes.
She thought she had them all nailed down,
Until she felt His eyes fixed on her figure and gown.

He watched her from across the room,
Never moving toward her, never dared to assume.
He saw beneath her carefully crafted façade,
Apparently unsure whether to censure or applaud.

Our girl melted beneath his gaze,
Caught red-handed by the only one who knew her crafty ways.
She smoldered and blushed in all her glory,
For she was now the heroine in someone else’s story.

Triple Play Q&A with Rikki de la Vega

WomanReadingHello all!

For this week’s Triple Play Q&A segment, I’d like to introduce you to Rikki de la Vega, author of Peri’s Bliss and Hannah’s Healing. I’m so excited to host her and to share her feisty, witty, inspirational responses with you!

Welcome, Rikki!

Rikki de la Vega lives, lusts and writes in Boston, Massachusetts. Polyamorous, kinky, and a feisty intellectual, she crafts her erotic tales from real-life experiences with the goal of presenting good smut for smart people. An unorthodox sex-positive feminist, she is also an online activist for everything from sex work decriminalization to disability rights.


Love it, Rikki—such a pleasure to meet you! And now it’s time for your Triple Play Q&A!

If you were a character in a book or series of books, who would you be and why?

My own character of Lila Jaworski, in the Free Spirits series, is one with which I identify. She’s vivacious, generous, and yet doesn’t need to be the center of attention to get things done. She also has a strongly intuitive sense of people, and none of the burdensome shame that so many have about sexuality and gender expectations.

HannahsHealingWhat writing project are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m writing Amalia’s Truth, my fourth book in the Free Spirits series. The series is set around members of the Free Spirit Connection, a fictional modern spiritual community which sees sex as another form of communion, even allowing members to get it on in private communion rooms. The title character in this book appeared previously, and in this book she’s attending the Connection’s Triennial Assembly as a delegate, not to mention having plenty of erotic encounters. But she also becomes the target of some unsavory rumors, and has to defend herself.

If you were to perform karaoke, which song would you pick and why?

Well, disclosure time here. I have a serious speech disorder, which makes it extremely difficult (even painful) to try to speak or sing for anything longer than a short sentence. So I let my friends do the karaoke thing, and I show my support to them by clapping and dancing. Anyway, if that weren’t the case, I’d be singing “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. It’s so positive and high energy, you can’t help moving to the beat, feeling it flow through you. We need more of that energy, more talk about love and pleasure, less pettiness and “me-and-my-group-first” nonsense. And if you out there reading agree with me, do me a favor and sing “Walking on Sunshine” for me at your next karaoke night!

Well, Rikki, you’ve got it! “Walking on Sunshine” is officially on my next karaoke set list! Thank you so much for joining me today and for sharing more about yourself and your current projects! 

If you’d like to find out even more about Rikki de la Vega, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, please click around the links above and below and go to town!


The Most Seattle-esque Day in the History of Ever, or Why Jaye Can’t Stop Crying


Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, 1870 (Albert Bierstadt)

Hi all,

Well, for those of you who are unaccustomed to me sharing anything of consequence on this blog, hold on to your knickers, because yours truly had an awful day—the first I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Things are kind of topsy-turvy on the homefront right now, and I’m having a hard time grappling with it. But now, thanks to some encouragement from a new friend, I’d like to tell you a little more about it. **Warning** This tale involves plenty of tears, a bit of heartache, and more caffeine than I care to admit.

But wait! Before you write this off as a “woe is Jaye” tale and skip over to read some scintillating smut, would it sweeten the deal if I promised you a little smile at the end? C’mon…throw me a bone here! I’m trying to share, dammit! 😉

So, looking at the title for this post, when you think of “Seattle” what images come to mind? The Space Needle? Grunge? Starbucks? Amazon? Grey’s Anatomy? Well, whatever you think of, I can pretty much guarantee you’re thinking of it cast against a gray, gloomy background. Because Seattle, for a solid eight months every year, is a cloudy, wet, rainy place.

Now, picture for me—if you will—the Seattle day I had…and imagine me crying throughout:

  • 5:30am – Walking the dog in the dark. And crying.
  • 6:30am – Checking my social media accounts. And crying.
  • 7:00am – Showering. And crying.
  • 7:30am – Walking to the bus stop in the rain. And crying.
  • 7:45am – Catching the bus, finding a seat (awesome!), listening to some Chris Cornell (Seattle boy, RIP). Still crying.
  • 8:30am – Jumping off the bus downtown and heading toward work in the rain. And crying.
  • 8:45am – Taking a detour to Starbucks (est. Seattle 1971). Crying while surrounded by homeless people.
  • 9:15am – Showing up late to work, hiding in bathroom. Can’t stop crying.
  • 9:30am – Leaving work because I’m essentially useless. Walking down street while crying.
  • 10:00am – Going to Seattle Art Museum to surround myself with pretty things. Not crying quite so much.
  • 12:00pm – Joining my husband for lunch at Nordstrom (Seattle-based department store), realizing that nothing is quite as bad as it seems, drinking coffee #2. Crying stops and a few laughs ensue.
  • 1:30pm – Indulging in some retail therapy, drinking coffee #3. The crying tries to resurface, but I manage to keep it together.
  • 2:00pm – Falling asleep at a coffee shop, embarrassing the living shit out of myself by drooling onto my shoulder. No crying though!
  • 3:30pm – Heading home. The crying hath ceased.

Just as today’s gloom gave way to some gorgeous sunbeams, some rays of hope, happiness, and laughter broke through my sadness and despair. Because even as rough as the most Seattle-esque day can be, there’s nothing that can keep me down for long. And though I’m going through a bit of a rough patch right now (and though a *few* more tears may fall), it’s kind of fun to remind myself that I, too, am human…

…and that there might be a few of you out there who could benefit from a glimpse at that humanity.

Release Day for Running Wild!

runningwild w. series name

Hello all!

Well, the big day is finally here! Please allow me to introduce Rudolf Wyatt, the hero of Jack Crosby’s and my newest release, Running Wild! This stand-alone sequel to Rules of the Wild follows the story of Rudolf (Tobias Wyatt’s younger, more impulsive brother) and Jordyn Maxwell, both professional mushers in the world of sled dog racing that have been hand-selected as two of ten total contestants to compete in this year’s Chimney Run 600 race from North Pole, Alaska down to Anchorage.

Before I share a quick blurb with you and then run out to celebrate, please allow me to thank my astoundingly talented co-author, Jack Crosby, and our outstanding publisher, Stormy Night Publications!

Be sure to grab your copy of Running Wild today and let Rudolf Wyatt help melt away those winter blues!!!


When former Olympian Jordyn Maxwell is selected to participate in the most grueling sled dog race in Alaska, a six-hundred-mile ordeal that puts even the most experienced mushers to the test, she is determined to prove herself and bring home the top prize. But the competition will be fierce.

Though she expected the long, difficult journey across the frozen wilderness to be a lonely affair, Jordyn quickly forms a bond with handsome fellow racer Rudolf Wyatt. But when she puts her safety at risk with her reckless behavior, Jordyn is shocked by Wyatt’s willingness to take her over his knee for a humiliating spanking on her bare bottom, and as the race continues she finds herself with blushing cheeks and a burning backside on several more occasions.

Wyatt’s bold dominance and stern correction leave Jordyn intensely aroused, and when he takes her in his arms and claims her hard and thoroughly it is unlike anything she has experienced before. But will their passion survive the trials of this harsh land and the scheming of someone who seems intent on keeping either of them from crossing the finish line alive?

Publisher’s Note: Running Wild is a stand-alone book which is the second entry in the Wild Alaska series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

P.S. Did I mention that this one has puppies in it?

P.P.S. Yes, puppies!!! 🙂


Sexy Excerpt from Running Wild, My Upcoming Release with Jack Crosby!

Musher w. Team and MountainsHello all!

This Saturday, Stormy Night Publications will release my fifth novel (and second collaboration with the incomparable Jack Crosby)—I couldn’t be more excited! Running Wild—a standalone follow-up to Rules of the Wild is the second novel in our Alaskan series and this one takes our readers even deeper into the harsh landscape of the Alaskan interior.

Running Wild features Rudolf Wyatt, Tobias’s younger, more impulsive (yet equally firm-handed) brother, and Jordyn Maxwell, a former biathlete and Olympic hopeful. Rudolf and Jordyn are two of ten contestants in the infamous Chimney Run 600 Sled Dog Race.

And they can’t stand each other.

While navigating one of the toughest, most treacherous courses of the mushing circuit—running from North Pole, Alaska to Anchorage—Jordyn and Rudolf will have to find a way to work together to fight the challenging course, the elements, and someone seemingly determined to ensure they don’t reach the finish line. From enemies to lovers to competitors, will they be able to defy the odds and learn to trust each other once they’re thrust into some of the most grueling conditions they’ve ever encountered?

Here’s a nice, steamy excerpt to whet your naughty appetite… Enjoy! 😉

When you’re used to being the best at whatever you set your mind to, sometimes it takes a strong hand to remind you that you can’t do everything. You can’t take the whole world on your shoulders. You can’t make it through this life on your own.

I was starting to suspect that Wyatt was the strong hand I needed. And as I stared into his gray eyes and ran my hand along his scruffy cheek and up through his crazy mop of hair, a subtle shift in body position let me know that Wyatt was thinking the same thing.

Trailing my hand down the defined line bisecting his pecs and torso, guided only by touch as we were under the covers, I let my fingers come to rest on the substantial bulge in his boxer briefs. His sharp intake of breath answered my silent question: Do you want this…with me?

With a quick shift of his body, he hovered above me, using his knees to spread my toned thighs as wide as they would go. Supporting his weight with one arm, he reached down and stripped his boxers off, leaving them buried in the sheets. He then began tugging on the bottom of my shirt—his shirt—to bare my entire body to him.

We took our time, even with the feeble amounts of light available to us, to take in the sight of each other’s body. Wyatt was sleek and furry, a natural firmness to each of his muscles and his toned ass. And once I was able to get a full look under the covers, my eyes confirmed what my fingers already suspected.

Rudolf Wyatt had a gorgeous piece—large, somewhat intimidating for a tiny woman like me—but gorgeous. As I licked my lips in anticipation of being filled by him, he broke the silence between us.

“You’re beautiful, little one. Christ, you’re so beautiful.” Leaning down, but careful not to crush me with his weight, he wrapped his arms around me and, after adding “So beautiful and so strong,” pressed his lips to mine.

His mouth was softer than any musher’s had the right to be and he devoured me as if he’d just returned from the racing run of his life. Wyatt clearly didn’t half-ass anything. And I was right there with him. Especially after he’d called me his “little one.”

Tilting my hips against his and trapping his erection between my thighs, I snaked my fingers through his hair, pulling him against me, and darted my tongue between his lips, savoring the taste of him.

Pausing the kiss momentarily, he pulled back, his eyes clouded with lust and awe. “I want to do this, but I don’t want to hurt you, little one.” It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one with reservations about how I’d be able to take his cock.

“I trust you, Rudolf. I trust you and I know you’ll never hurt me. Just please, please let me feel you.”

With a nod and a final stroke along my cheek with the back of his hand, Wyatt shifted to my side and began gathering my wetness with his fingers, trailing it along my slit and circling it around my tight, needy clit. I was so aroused from the spanking and the make-out session, we both understood lubrication wouldn’t be an issue.

Sliding a finger, then two, into my snug pussy, he explored me with an intensity I’d only ever seen in other competitive sportsmen. As I writhed around his digits, he kept my thighs spread, the trimmed thatch of my pubic hair exposed, my body arching into every last twist and pump of his fingers. Latching on to one of my hardened nipples, he pulled it between his teeth, staying just on the pleasurable side of pain before sliding a third finger into me.

“Grab your legs and hold yourself open for me, little one. Hold yourself open and relax.” He got to his knees between my legs, using the droplets of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock to slide himself, up and down, along my wetness. “Deep breath and let it out for me, Jordyn.”

I did as he commanded—as if I’d been responding to his body and commands for time eternal—and he nudged himself inside me, not relenting until he was fully seated in my pussy. The feral whine he drew from my lips shocked the hell out of me, but the last thing in the world I wanted was for him to stop.

“Please…please, sir, don’t stop,” I pleaded with him.

“Never, Jordyn, never…” Coaxing me to hook my thighs around his midsection, he slid into me, time and time again with long, powerful strokes, taking me, filling me, and breaking me with excruciating precision. And with each downward thrust, as he bottomed out against my sore, sensitive cervix, I released a tiny whimper that propelled him to keep punishing me in the most perfect way possible. The jolting pain quickly morphed to pleasure—much like the spankings I’d taken from him—and I was sucker-punched by an unexpected orgasm.

Grabbing onto the corner of the pillow beneath me, I shoved it in my mouth and bit down, screaming my release into the downy softness.

“That’s my girl,” he grunted as he upped his tempo. “Now, give me another one. I want to feel you come around me as I fill you.”

His words were all the encouragement I needed as I felt my slick pussy constrict around him and milk his cock as he found his release, buried to the hilt in my sated sex.

Barely twenty-four hours ago this man wouldn’t give me the time of day, yet now, as he slid out of me and spooned his slackening body against mine, kissing my ear lobe, cheek, and shoulder before he turned off the lamp, Rudolf Wyatt had just given me the most powerful erotic experience I’d ever known.

This was beyond the competition, beyond the nerves, beyond the typical athletes’ urges.

This was real.

And in just a couple of days, we would be pitted against each other in the Chimney Run.

How were we supposed to deal with that?

We can’t wait to share Running Wild with you, so keep an eye out for our new release coming this Saturday! Also, if you haven’t met Tobias, Rudolf’s taciturn bear of an older brother, allow me to recommend you grab a copy of Rules of the Wild and start off your journey with the Wyatt family with the first title in the series!

Rudolf Wyatt

Triple Play Q&A with Willa Bradley

Hello all!

With me this week for the Triple Play Q&A is Willa Bradley and we’re taking a look at her debut novel, Harvest Moon Ride! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to feature Ms. Bradley and her work, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better!

Welcome to the Triple Play, Willa!

Harvest Moon Ride -- CoverWilla Bradley lives in a remote area of North Carolina with her three wonderful basset hounds. Their days are filled with love and laughter. Nights are most often spent with the hounds basking in the firelight and Willa writing to put premium kibble in their bowls. When she’s not writing, Willa enjoys horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking with her dogs and baking from scratch.

And here’s a blurb for her debut novel, Harvest Moon Ride: Multiple world champion equestrienne, Etta Ross, has a dilemma. How does she rescue the small band of mustangs from the rustlers who want to smuggle them to Mexico for slaughter while avoiding a run in with the legendary Texas Rangers? If all she had to do was save the mustangs, her mission would be easy. But she runs afoul of sexy Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen, when she’s wounded and stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere. Not buying her explanation that she was out for a walk, Brody is bound and determined to protect Etta who is adamant that she can save herself. Brody is convinced that a few trips over his knee for a bare bottom spanking followed by his dominant lovemaking is just the remedy to Etta’s headstrong cowgirl ways.

Harvest Moon Ride is the first book in the Wild at Heart series. This is currently planned to be a four book series and the other novels are in various stages of the editing and writing process. In other words, saddle up and ride! 😉

And away we go with Willa Bradley’s Triple Play Q&A!

When you were growing up, who were the authors that made you want to become one yourself? What was it about their work that spoke to you?

Robert Ludlum, Leon Uris, Rosemary Rodgers, and Beatrice Small. Their ability to tell a story that transported you from who and where you were. The idea that heroes come in all sizes, shapes and sexes.

Have you ever had a moment (or moments) when you’ve considered giving up writing? If so, what helped you push through? If not, what keeps you motivated?

I came to writing later in life. I allowed other ambitions and goals to push the dream aside. What helped push me through was fellow author Piper Stone who went out of her way to encourage me and introduce me to her publisher, Blushing Books.

What keeps me motivated is the voices inside my head that keep whispering, “Excuse me, I have a story to tell.” I was a great fan of the TV Series Castle. The opening montage has Castle’s voice saying, “There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: Psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better.” I feel that way about my characters, only my opening monologue would be, “There are two kinds of folks who sit around hearing voices in their heads: Schizophrenics and writers. I’m the kind that pays better.”

If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why? 😉 

Pecan praline. Rich and gooey and originating in New Orleans. It’s a bit unexpected, the flavor is complex and it tastes like autumn – my favorite time of year.

Thank you again, Willa, for joining me for the Triple Play Q&A! I hope you all have the chance to go check out  her debut novelHarvest Moon Ride, now available on!

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