Nipple ClampsHello all!

This will be the third of my Wicked Daddy-inspired stories (feel free to check out the previous two here and here), and I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride! Of course, once you’ve had a read, I’ll let you be the judge. 😉 This week’s installment revolves around my ouchy new purchase from the Wicked Daddy Academy site—the Noir Butterfly Nipple Clamps. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from these…and I still don’t know if I’m quite ready for them…but I’m quite excited to give them another try!

And remember, as always, if you visit Wicked Daddy’s site and decide to buy something, when you get to the Shopping Cart section, you’ll find a “Special Instructions for Seller” box. Write “JayeEliseWrites” there and you’ll receive one of Wicked Daddy Academy’s Glass Rods (#1) for FREE—he’s even covering the additional shipping for the rod! Thanks as always, WD, for your generosity!

In addition to the nipple clamps themselves, today’s story is brought to you by the near constant stream of naughty thoughts I’ve been entertaining lately on my daily commute to and from my day job. If idle hands are the Devil’s playthings, then an idle (author’s) mind is the Devil’s Disneyland…and yours truly just won the Super Bowl. 🙂

And now, for your (reading) pleasure, I give you “The Tender Bite of Submission”…enjoy! 😉 (As always, if you have any thoughts about the story, please don’t be shy about sharing!)

“You’re such a good girl for me. So attentive when it comes to your instructions.”

“Thank you, Sir. It pleases me to please you.”

“Which is part of your natural submissive beauty, my girl. Part of what makes you so special, what makes me crave you.” She listened to the breath catch in his throat as she rubbed her legs together, a feeble attempt to quell the surge of arousal threatening to trail down her inner thighs.

He’d had her prepare for “a special night out.” In Sir’s terms, this meant a snug pencil skirt across her pert, round bottom, and an even snugger button-down top encasing her heavy breasts. Smoky eyes and sultry red lips were his preferred look when it came to makeup and she had no intention of disappointing him tonight.

When she’d donned her fuck-me heels and had foregone any of the pretty lingerie she liked to wear for him, she was further coaxed into her submissive headspace. And all the while, his encouraging words swirled around her, caressing her soul and nearly bringing her to her knees before him to take him in her full, pouty lips.

But, as she’d been informed as he’d escorted her up to his glassed-in, executive office high above the city streets, that’s not what he had planned for tonight. “There will be plenty of time for you to pleasure me later, my girl, and I fully intend to make use of that beautiful mouth of yours at some point,” he winked as he tilted her chin up with the tip of his finger, “but right now, my focus is on you. Entirely on you.”

His blue eyes sparkled in the low light of the dark office, and she detected equal measures of benevolence and devilish mirth in their depths.

“Yes, Sir,” she managed to choke out, desire’s syrupy thickness reducing her voice to a mere rasp as he popped open the top button of her blouse. Her large breasts pulled the fabric apart, further straining the button below and threatening to tear it off altogether. Her nipples, lightly stroked by the soft cotton all evening, surrendered to the additional stimulation and pebbled in anticipation.

“So, I told you tonight was to be special, my good girl. And it’s a celebration of sorts. A graduation celebration.” His finger teased the next two buttons open, fully revealing her ripe, sensitive globes to the cool air.

“You’ve been doing such a good job with your nipple training.” He ran the tips of his fingers over her taut nubs, bringing the focus of the night’s entertainment into stark relief. “Working on your breathing, riding out the bite of my fingers, clothespins, and clamps until you were able to withstand the searing pleasure I wanted you to feel, and even begging me to play nice and rough with them.”

Her chest puffed with pride as his cupped her face with one hand and lightly pinched and twisted each of her nipples in turn. “Thank you, Sir, for your instruction and patience.”

“You’re most welcome, my good girl. But you may want to hold off on your gratitude until I’ve finished with you tonight.” Softly chuckling, he took her by the shoulders and turned her around, fully removing her top and tossing it on his desk. A frisson of nerves further strained her nipples, causing them to ache, but she’d yet to determine whether that ache was for his touch or for protection from his ministrations. She would soon find out.

“Lean forward, spread your legs, and place your hands against the glass for me.”

She complied with his commands, savoring the intense vulnerability and exposure he’d incited. With her breasts swaying lightly, she lifted her head and took in the incredible views across the water toward the islands beyond. Plus, with all the construction underway, they were ensconced in a veritable forest of business towers and high rises. At over 40 stories up, she was a goddess, ripe and full of promise, perched above the city.

“Almost ready, my girl,” he whispered in her ear, leveling a light swat to her skirt-clad hip before leaving her side. “I want you to be able to see yourself. And I want everyone to see what a strong, obedient girl you are.”

An ominous click announced her worst fear and she started, trembling in her high heels. He’d flicked on the lights, turning their glass cage into a mirror for the two of them while ensuring anyone looking in their direction from neighboring buildings would be guaranteed the show of a lifetime.

Anticipating her skittishness, he rested his hand along her flank before lightly massaging her back. She looked into the glass, seeing his reflection and praying he’d talk her off the ledge. Yet when she saw what he now held in his other hand, she nearly buckled.

“Shh. It’s okay. I want to show my girl off. I want everyone to watch how obedient and submissive you are to your man. I want them to wish they were in my shoes. And, most importantly, I want to give you what you need.”

Evidently, what she needed was a pair of beautiful, black, clover-style clamps. Pooling the set in his hand, he held them before her so she could get a closer look at them. Her lips parted and swelled with arousal, understanding that these represented a next step for them—a true graduation—to another level of her submission.

“And pay attention to the grips, baby,” he murmured in her ear, “They’re a little softer than what you’d normally get with this style of clamp.”

“S-so, they won’t hurt?” Her voice rose hopefully.

“Oh, make no mistake, my girl. You’re going to feel these right down to the tips of your toes. But you’ll be able to endure a little longer—and I’ll be able to push you a bit further—because of how they’re designed. And they won’t be coming off until I take them off. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned as the full weight of his dominance crashed over her and prompted her nipples to lengthen and harden in nervous anticipation of his wicked present.

“Good girl. Now, watch yourself in the window as I clamp you.”

She did as he instructed and he crouched down, taking one of her nipples between his lips and suckling lightly before poising the open clamp over it. “Remember your breathing,” he warned, releasing the clamp and sending a surge of agonizing energy—a sweet infusion of molten lead—through her tight frame. As she sucked in a rasping breath through her nose and released it out her mouth, he tended to her other nipple. “Keep breathing and stay relaxed as best you can. Enjoy this for what it is. Accept this gift from me. Make me proud, my girl.”

As she absorbed his words, he fastened the second clamp to her nipple and she released a guttural groan, attempting to get her bearings through the intense, beautiful torment to her highly trained, highly sensitive nipples.

Rising to a stand, he positioned himself behind her, gripping her hips, rubbing his covered, yet straining erection against her wetness, and keeping his eyes on hers in the reflection from the lit glass. The light chain tinkled beneath her as she trembled and came to grips with her delicious predicament. Within a matter of minutes, she’d gotten her breathing under control and was already learning to savor the unique bite of the clamps on her tender buds.

“Time to see if you can withstand some added stimulation,” he murmured from behind her as he lowered his hand to stroke her sodden, bare pussy. “We’ve played this little game before, baby. The more I touch you here,” he plunged two of his fingers into her, “the more your nipples are going to swell.”

Her eyes scrunched shut and she shrieked at the sudden intrusion and at the added tightness in her nipples. Feeling her heart beating in her most tender, punished flesh, she wasn’t sure she could withstand much more of his benevolent torment. But as she opened her eyes, meeting his and finding all the strength and love she’d ever need, she took a deep breath and resolved to make him proud, as he’d requested.

She didn’t know how long he’d keep her confined to the snug clamps—happily, the choice wasn’t hers to make—and she understood that when he removed them, she’d experience an agony unlike anything she’d known up to that point. But right now, she was on display for the whole city to see, her nipples were held captive in excruciatingly perfect bondage, and she found herself at her most submissive.

Her new clamps were an extension of his will.

And they were a gift without equal.

The Tender Bite of Submission: A Wicked Daddy-Inspired Story

6 thoughts on “The Tender Bite of Submission: A Wicked Daddy-Inspired Story

  1. Yay for life influencing art! I love your writing style. It’s got a wicked sense of humour, lovely use of language. I’m reading it out of context but that’s okay, I somehow saw Return of the Jedi first before the others and I survived!

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