Hello all! It’s fun to get back to hosting the Triple Play Q&A in the New Year! To get things started, I’ve got the talented, friendly Golden Angel with me! Please help me to welcome Angel to the blog!


Hi! I’m Golden Angel! I’m a nerdy, theater-loving, Harry Potter obsessed, kinky bibliophile with a penchant for books about spankings, BDSM, shifters, vampires, bad boys, and anything in between. I love to read and I love to write!

My books tend to focus on alpha males and strong sassy heroines who probably like to submit in the bedroom (although rarely anywhere else).

Nice to meet you, Angel! And now it’s time for your Triple Play Q&A!!!

What does your writing space look like when you’re in the thick of a project?

Like my dining room table got taken over by a laptop and a lot of dirty dishes. =P No, but seriously, I often move out of my home office and into the dining room to write so I can at least be NEAR my husband since the home office is upstairs and our dining room is attached to the living room where he is. Otherwise, I would miss him so…

I also tend to go ahead and eat my dinner there so I can try and finish up my stuff in time to do stuff with him before going to bed. Usually play a board game or just snuggle.

PhilipsRules Bridal Discipline Promo Social Media Poster GAWhat’s the best book you’ve read recently and what made it exceptional?

Oh geeze… ask the hard questions why don’t you!

I read a ton and a lot of it is really fantastic. It’s not a new release but I FINALLY got around to reading Beyond Forever by Kit Rocha and it was just everything I wanted it to be. Kit Rocha is a hardcore favorite of mine and getting to read the early story of Dallas and Lex, seeing how they met, how their relationship progressed to the point where Beyond Eden picks up, AND having the world be so perfectly seamless… it was just a masterpiece. It’s not often you get to see how a character becomes a badass and they did an amazing job of showing us who Dallas was before he was THE O’Kane and the beginning of his journey to getting there, and working it so seamlessly into everything they’d already created.. I cannot recommend the Beyond series enough, and this latest installment in the O’Kane For Life was just so beautifully done to me as both an author and a reader.

TSS_AUDIBLEIf you ran into your thirteen year-old self, what piece of solid advice would you give them?

Okay, this is kind of funny because at thirteen I actually wrote my first book. I was obsessed with Christopher Pike and we were doing creative writing in my English class and so I started writing a really gruesome horror / murder mystery. My classmates ended up getting really into it and I wrote them all in as characters and let them choose how they were going to die—occasionally giving suggestions if they couldn’t come up with an idea. My favorite was the guy who wanted to be eaten alive by a horde of rats.

And then after that I stopped writing. I loved it so much but I didn’t see it as a viable option for a career. I’ve always been both very creative and very practical, and I just had absolutely no confidence in myself at that point, even though my classmates loved it. I thought they just loved it because I put them in it. So I didn’t write anymore because I didn’t think anyone else would be interested and therefore it wasn’t something worth doing and I focused my energies on other things.

Now where I am today, having been writing for a free website for over a decade and writing books for sale for about 6 1/2 years, I wish I could tell my 13 year old self to just write. To just do what you love, because even before I started selling books when I was making no money off of it, writing just made me so happy and I’m a little sad I lost out on that happiness for close to 7 years. Sure, there were other things that made me happy as well—theater, gymnastics, my friends, reading—but I do wish I’d kept up writing through that time, and not just getting creative with class assignments.

If you love something, just do it. Make time for it. It doesn’t matter if it never makes you any money or helps with anything else in your life; loving it makes it worth the time and effort.

Breaking the Chain Stronghold Series SMPromo GoldenAngelThank you so much, Angel, for sharing with us!!! That’s some great advice you’ve given…and not just for teenagers! 🙂 What a wonderful way to get 2018 going on the Triple Play!! If you’d like to find out even more about Angel, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, please click around the links below and go to town!

Triple Play Q&A with Golden Angel

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