Rules of the Wild - Cover

My co-author, Jack Crosby, and I are excited to announce the release of our first collaboration, Rules of the Wild—now available on Amazon! And if you think that cover is something else (she says while fanning herself), just wait until you dig in to the pages of this thrilling erotic romance!

Here’s a quick blurb…and then stay tuned for a romantic excerpt guaranteed to leave you a little weak in the knees! 😉

Blurb for Rules of the Wild:

After her father’s gambling addiction finally catches up with him and his debts put her life in danger as well, Emy Forester is forced to go into hiding in Juneau, Alaska. Planning to start a new life, she finds a job at a local pub, and it is there that she first sets eyes on Tobias Wyatt.

Tobias is unlike any man Emy has ever met. The former game warden is as rugged, harsh, and uncompromising as the Alaskan wilderness he calls home. He is the kind of man a woman obeys unless she wants to feel his belt across her bare backside. The thought of belonging to Tobias should terrify her, but instead it leaves Emy’s heart racing and her panties soaked.

When Emy lets her curiosity get the better of her and flirts with Tobias one time too many, she ends up spanked until she is sobbing. Despite her blushing cheeks and sore bottom, however, his rough, dominant lovemaking proves more satisfying than she would have thought possible, and an intense, passionate romance quickly ignites between them.

Over the coming weeks, Tobias sets out to teach Emy the proper respect for the dangers of this wild, untamed land. But the men who killed her father haven’t stopped looking for her. When Tobias learns that Emy has been lying to him about her identity, will it destroy the bond they’ve built together, or will he forgive her deception and take it upon himself to protect her?

Publisher’s Note: Rules of the Wild includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpt from Rules of the Wild:

“Come here, Emy.”

His voice called to me from the doorway to the bedroom. I obeyed him, as I’d done since the very beginning, and was greeted by a turned-down king bed and a couple of beeswax candles glowing on the nightstands. I curled my softness against his broad body. As he pulled me to him, I picked up on his masculine scent—motor oil, wood smoke, and hard work—and my legs rubbed together instinctually. His calloused fingers clasped my chin and tilted my head back, and his eyes looked nearly black in the shadows. But as the dancing flames flickered and reflected in his gaze, I saw his need. And felt it in kind.

Yet while my body and soul craved him, my mind refused to toe the line. I was living a lie and he was falling in love with a woman who didn’t exist. On the run, in massive debt to some of the shittiest people on the face of the planet, and all alone in the world, I had no right to feel this happiness, to enjoy the comfort of just being. Of just being with him.

Thankfully, he took control of the situation before I made any foolish attempts at pushing him away. Leaning into me and wrapping a fist in my hair, he claimed my mouth as his, communicating more than any stale, rambling monologue ever could. Who needed words when you could kiss like that?

I melted into his embrace as he tugged my lower lip between his teeth and ran his tongue just inside the edge of my mouth, exploring me and learning how I responded to him. I knew what he was doing. He was seeking out my tells. The hidden bits of information that would grant him further access to my body and soul. But while most men tried to find my hot buttons as quickly as possible so they could get their own pushed sooner rather than later, I understood that Tobias wasn’t most men. Far from it. He was finding out how I responded for the pure pleasure of making me feel warm, cherished, and protected.

And this kiss was hitting the mark.

If you’re looking for the perfect book to keep you warm on a long winter’s night, we hope you decide to give Rules of the Wild (and the oh-so-delicious Tobias Wyatt) a shot!

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Release Day for Rules of the Wild (and a Romantic Excerpt!)

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