The Tender Bite of Submission: A Wicked Daddy-Inspired Story

Nipple ClampsHello all!

This will be the third of my Wicked Daddy-inspired stories (feel free to check out the previous two here and here), and I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride! Of course, once you’ve had a read, I’ll let you be the judge. 😉 This week’s installment revolves around my ouchy new purchase from the Wicked Daddy Academy site—the Noir Butterfly Nipple Clamps. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from these…and I still don’t know if I’m quite ready for them…but I’m quite excited to give them another try!

And remember, as always, if you visit Wicked Daddy’s site and decide to buy something, when you get to the Shopping Cart section, you’ll find a “Special Instructions for Seller” box. Write “JayeEliseWrites” there and you’ll receive one of Wicked Daddy Academy’s Glass Rods (#1) for FREE—he’s even covering the additional shipping for the rod! Thanks as always, WD, for your generosity!

In addition to the nipple clamps themselves, today’s story is brought to you by the near constant stream of naughty thoughts I’ve been entertaining lately on my daily commute to and from my day job. If idle hands are the Devil’s playthings, then an idle (author’s) mind is the Devil’s Disneyland…and yours truly just won the Super Bowl. 🙂

And now, for your (reading) pleasure, I give you “The Tender Bite of Submission”…enjoy! 😉 (As always, if you have any thoughts about the story, please don’t be shy about sharing!)

“You’re such a good girl for me. So attentive when it comes to your instructions.”

“Thank you, Sir. It pleases me to please you.”

“Which is part of your natural submissive beauty, my girl. Part of what makes you so special, what makes me crave you.” She listened to the breath catch in his throat as she rubbed her legs together, a feeble attempt to quell the surge of arousal threatening to trail down her inner thighs.

He’d had her prepare for “a special night out.” In Sir’s terms, this meant a snug pencil skirt across her pert, round bottom, and an even snugger button-down top encasing her heavy breasts. Smoky eyes and sultry red lips were his preferred look when it came to makeup and she had no intention of disappointing him tonight.

When she’d donned her fuck-me heels and had foregone any of the pretty lingerie she liked to wear for him, she was further coaxed into her submissive headspace. And all the while, his encouraging words swirled around her, caressing her soul and nearly bringing her to her knees before him to take him in her full, pouty lips.

But, as she’d been informed as he’d escorted her up to his glassed-in, executive office high above the city streets, that’s not what he had planned for tonight. “There will be plenty of time for you to pleasure me later, my girl, and I fully intend to make use of that beautiful mouth of yours at some point,” he winked as he tilted her chin up with the tip of his finger, “but right now, my focus is on you. Entirely on you.”

His blue eyes sparkled in the low light of the dark office, and she detected equal measures of benevolence and devilish mirth in their depths.

“Yes, Sir,” she managed to choke out, desire’s syrupy thickness reducing her voice to a mere rasp as he popped open the top button of her blouse. Her large breasts pulled the fabric apart, further straining the button below and threatening to tear it off altogether. Her nipples, lightly stroked by the soft cotton all evening, surrendered to the additional stimulation and pebbled in anticipation.

“So, I told you tonight was to be special, my good girl. And it’s a celebration of sorts. A graduation celebration.” His finger teased the next two buttons open, fully revealing her ripe, sensitive globes to the cool air.

“You’ve been doing such a good job with your nipple training.” He ran the tips of his fingers over her taut nubs, bringing the focus of the night’s entertainment into stark relief. “Working on your breathing, riding out the bite of my fingers, clothespins, and clamps until you were able to withstand the searing pleasure I wanted you to feel, and even begging me to play nice and rough with them.”

Her chest puffed with pride as his cupped her face with one hand and lightly pinched and twisted each of her nipples in turn. “Thank you, Sir, for your instruction and patience.”

“You’re most welcome, my good girl. But you may want to hold off on your gratitude until I’ve finished with you tonight.” Softly chuckling, he took her by the shoulders and turned her around, fully removing her top and tossing it on his desk. A frisson of nerves further strained her nipples, causing them to ache, but she’d yet to determine whether that ache was for his touch or for protection from his ministrations. She would soon find out.

“Lean forward, spread your legs, and place your hands against the glass for me.”

She complied with his commands, savoring the intense vulnerability and exposure he’d incited. With her breasts swaying lightly, she lifted her head and took in the incredible views across the water toward the islands beyond. Plus, with all the construction underway, they were ensconced in a veritable forest of business towers and high rises. At over 40 stories up, she was a goddess, ripe and full of promise, perched above the city.

“Almost ready, my girl,” he whispered in her ear, leveling a light swat to her skirt-clad hip before leaving her side. “I want you to be able to see yourself. And I want everyone to see what a strong, obedient girl you are.”

An ominous click announced her worst fear and she started, trembling in her high heels. He’d flicked on the lights, turning their glass cage into a mirror for the two of them while ensuring anyone looking in their direction from neighboring buildings would be guaranteed the show of a lifetime.

Anticipating her skittishness, he rested his hand along her flank before lightly massaging her back. She looked into the glass, seeing his reflection and praying he’d talk her off the ledge. Yet when she saw what he now held in his other hand, she nearly buckled.

“Shh. It’s okay. I want to show my girl off. I want everyone to watch how obedient and submissive you are to your man. I want them to wish they were in my shoes. And, most importantly, I want to give you what you need.”

Evidently, what she needed was a pair of beautiful, black, clover-style clamps. Pooling the set in his hand, he held them before her so she could get a closer look at them. Her lips parted and swelled with arousal, understanding that these represented a next step for them—a true graduation—to another level of her submission.

“And pay attention to the grips, baby,” he murmured in her ear, “They’re a little softer than what you’d normally get with this style of clamp.”

“S-so, they won’t hurt?” Her voice rose hopefully.

“Oh, make no mistake, my girl. You’re going to feel these right down to the tips of your toes. But you’ll be able to endure a little longer—and I’ll be able to push you a bit further—because of how they’re designed. And they won’t be coming off until I take them off. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned as the full weight of his dominance crashed over her and prompted her nipples to lengthen and harden in nervous anticipation of his wicked present.

“Good girl. Now, watch yourself in the window as I clamp you.”

She did as he instructed and he crouched down, taking one of her nipples between his lips and suckling lightly before poising the open clamp over it. “Remember your breathing,” he warned, releasing the clamp and sending a surge of agonizing energy—a sweet infusion of molten lead—through her tight frame. As she sucked in a rasping breath through her nose and released it out her mouth, he tended to her other nipple. “Keep breathing and stay relaxed as best you can. Enjoy this for what it is. Accept this gift from me. Make me proud, my girl.”

As she absorbed his words, he fastened the second clamp to her nipple and she released a guttural groan, attempting to get her bearings through the intense, beautiful torment to her highly trained, highly sensitive nipples.

Rising to a stand, he positioned himself behind her, gripping her hips, rubbing his covered, yet straining erection against her wetness, and keeping his eyes on hers in the reflection from the lit glass. The light chain tinkled beneath her as she trembled and came to grips with her delicious predicament. Within a matter of minutes, she’d gotten her breathing under control and was already learning to savor the unique bite of the clamps on her tender buds.

“Time to see if you can withstand some added stimulation,” he murmured from behind her as he lowered his hand to stroke her sodden, bare pussy. “We’ve played this little game before, baby. The more I touch you here,” he plunged two of his fingers into her, “the more your nipples are going to swell.”

Her eyes scrunched shut and she shrieked at the sudden intrusion and at the added tightness in her nipples. Feeling her heart beating in her most tender, punished flesh, she wasn’t sure she could withstand much more of his benevolent torment. But as she opened her eyes, meeting his and finding all the strength and love she’d ever need, she took a deep breath and resolved to make him proud, as he’d requested.

She didn’t know how long he’d keep her confined to the snug clamps—happily, the choice wasn’t hers to make—and she understood that when he removed them, she’d experience an agony unlike anything she’d known up to that point. But right now, she was on display for the whole city to see, her nipples were held captive in excruciatingly perfect bondage, and she found herself at her most submissive.

Her new clamps were an extension of his will.

And they were a gift without equal.

Triple Play Q&A with SE Berg

Hello all! 

It’s time for another edition of the Triple Play Q&A and this week I’ve got author Suzy Ayers—writing as SE Berg—with me. And her newest release—Dreamstealer—is now available on Amazon for only 99 cents! 🙂 I’ll feature her introduction and book blurb first and then we’ll make our way to the Triple Play! Welcome, SE!

Bestselling Amazon Author Suzy Ayers writing as SE Berg. SE Berg has a penchant for: murder, criminality, forensics, police and other authority agencies, as well as psychology. With a minor in psychology and love of analyzing human behavior, you will find all of these themes in the stories and novels. Some of these stories lean toward paranormal in nature, which may provide an additional twist.

SBerg DS - 1 no taglineBlurb:

Secrets haunt all small towns, but this town holds a hidden secret that’s pure evil. What if a buried secret threatens to unravel an entire town? Police Sergeant, Stuart Jenkins, moved from Boston to become Sherriff in the quiet, uneventful town of Woodsville. Running from a personal matter of his own, he finds himself uncomfortably welcomed by every woman making advances at him. A serial killer walks among them, and there’s no shortage of suspects. Stuart believes the horrifyingly, disturbing, deaths are perpetrated by a female. Is it paranormal, folklore, or aliens? With the bodies piling up, mountains of evidence and no clear suspect, he hires a Deputy who schools him in local history, specifically, the Abenaki Indian tribe. Can Sheriff Stuart Jenkins catch her or will he be blinded because she steal’s his heart first?

Buy Links:

Amazon | Createspace | Smashwords | B&N

And here comes your Triple Play Q&A with SE Berg!

When was the first time you considered yourself a writer?

I have been writing since I can remember. When I was little, I recall telling my sister a story and she would be typing it on an old typewriter. I found it the other day. I have boxes of stories and ideas for them. However, I felt complete as a writer when I hit the Amazon Bestseller list.

What do you listen to while you write? Or do you prefer silence?

Music, TV, or nothing at all. It depends on the type of book I am writing and of course the scene. Emotions normally come from music. I use television to aid in the background and assist in the mood of the book.

If you were any item on a buffet, which would you be and why?

The chocolate fountain. I feel like it is the one thing people coming back for.

Thank you so much, SE, for joining me today!

Please be sure to grab a copy of Dreamstealer today! If you’d like to find out even more about SE Berg, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, use the buy links above and/or please click around the links below and go to town!

Triple Play Q&A with Golden Angel

Hello all! It’s fun to get back to hosting the Triple Play Q&A in the New Year! To get things started, I’ve got the talented, friendly Golden Angel with me! Please help me to welcome Angel to the blog!


Hi! I’m Golden Angel! I’m a nerdy, theater-loving, Harry Potter obsessed, kinky bibliophile with a penchant for books about spankings, BDSM, shifters, vampires, bad boys, and anything in between. I love to read and I love to write!

My books tend to focus on alpha males and strong sassy heroines who probably like to submit in the bedroom (although rarely anywhere else).

Nice to meet you, Angel! And now it’s time for your Triple Play Q&A!!!

What does your writing space look like when you’re in the thick of a project?

Like my dining room table got taken over by a laptop and a lot of dirty dishes. =P No, but seriously, I often move out of my home office and into the dining room to write so I can at least be NEAR my husband since the home office is upstairs and our dining room is attached to the living room where he is. Otherwise, I would miss him so…

I also tend to go ahead and eat my dinner there so I can try and finish up my stuff in time to do stuff with him before going to bed. Usually play a board game or just snuggle.

PhilipsRules Bridal Discipline Promo Social Media Poster GAWhat’s the best book you’ve read recently and what made it exceptional?

Oh geeze… ask the hard questions why don’t you!

I read a ton and a lot of it is really fantastic. It’s not a new release but I FINALLY got around to reading Beyond Forever by Kit Rocha and it was just everything I wanted it to be. Kit Rocha is a hardcore favorite of mine and getting to read the early story of Dallas and Lex, seeing how they met, how their relationship progressed to the point where Beyond Eden picks up, AND having the world be so perfectly seamless… it was just a masterpiece. It’s not often you get to see how a character becomes a badass and they did an amazing job of showing us who Dallas was before he was THE O’Kane and the beginning of his journey to getting there, and working it so seamlessly into everything they’d already created.. I cannot recommend the Beyond series enough, and this latest installment in the O’Kane For Life was just so beautifully done to me as both an author and a reader.

TSS_AUDIBLEIf you ran into your thirteen year-old self, what piece of solid advice would you give them?

Okay, this is kind of funny because at thirteen I actually wrote my first book. I was obsessed with Christopher Pike and we were doing creative writing in my English class and so I started writing a really gruesome horror / murder mystery. My classmates ended up getting really into it and I wrote them all in as characters and let them choose how they were going to die—occasionally giving suggestions if they couldn’t come up with an idea. My favorite was the guy who wanted to be eaten alive by a horde of rats.

And then after that I stopped writing. I loved it so much but I didn’t see it as a viable option for a career. I’ve always been both very creative and very practical, and I just had absolutely no confidence in myself at that point, even though my classmates loved it. I thought they just loved it because I put them in it. So I didn’t write anymore because I didn’t think anyone else would be interested and therefore it wasn’t something worth doing and I focused my energies on other things.

Now where I am today, having been writing for a free website for over a decade and writing books for sale for about 6 1/2 years, I wish I could tell my 13 year old self to just write. To just do what you love, because even before I started selling books when I was making no money off of it, writing just made me so happy and I’m a little sad I lost out on that happiness for close to 7 years. Sure, there were other things that made me happy as well—theater, gymnastics, my friends, reading—but I do wish I’d kept up writing through that time, and not just getting creative with class assignments.

If you love something, just do it. Make time for it. It doesn’t matter if it never makes you any money or helps with anything else in your life; loving it makes it worth the time and effort.

Breaking the Chain Stronghold Series SMPromo GoldenAngelThank you so much, Angel, for sharing with us!!! That’s some great advice you’ve given…and not just for teenagers! 🙂 What a wonderful way to get 2018 going on the Triple Play!! If you’d like to find out even more about Angel, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, please click around the links below and go to town!

The Tools of Marina’s Submission: A Wicked Daddy-Inspired Story

Plugs from WDAHello all!

For those of you who read my last Wicked Daddy-inspired story, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of his mission and that his products tend to, ahem, get the creative juices flowing. 😉 After trying out yet another of the multiple items I purchased from the Wicked Daddy Academy site—the Solid Core Heavy Metal Anal Plug Set—I had to put pen to paper and capture all the kinky goodness! I’d dabbled a bit with these kinds of toys before, but the balanced weight and attention to detail on these bad boys is next level. I mean…whoa.

Wicked Daddy has decided he likes my stories and will continue to offer a freebie to my readers as a token of his appreciation! Aren’t we the lucky ones?? If you visit his site and decide to buy something, when you get to the Shopping Cart section, you’ll find a “Special Instructions for Seller” box. Write “JayeEliseWrites” there and you’ll receive one of Wicked Daddy Academy’s Glass Rods (#1) for FREE—he’s even covering the additional shipping for the rod! Thanks as always, WD, for your generosity!

The story below was inspired by the toys themselves, and by all the folks out there who might not be able to be with the special person in their life whenever they’d like. So, whether you consider yourself a kinkster through and through, or if you simply enjoy the pleasure of having your partner feel your presence from a distance, this story is dedicated to you. 🙂

And now, for your (reading) pleasure, I give you “The Tools of Marina’s Submission”…enjoy! 😉

Plugs Pic


By all measures, it had been a rough week. Her car had broken down on the way to work and she’d missed a crucial meeting with the owners of the club, setting back her negotiation for a raise by weeks. Her favorite pair of heels—the ones she’d splurged on while in Milan—had been destroyed in a freak rainstorm. And the extra couple glasses of wine she’d indulged in to get through the week’s drudgery had given her a hangover worthy of a college kid on Spring Break.

Yeah, it had been a rough week.

But when she finally got home in the early dawn hours Saturday morning and grabbed her mail from the box, a curiously heavy, nondescript package awaited her. And although she didn’t recognize the return address, a knowing smile crossed her lips. She knew exactly where it had come from.


Although she was a no-nonsense manager of Seattle’s hottest punk club in her day-to-day life, Marina found herself at her most comfortable when she could let herself go, when she could submit to his will, when she could surrender her decisions to the man who understood her better than anyone.

And he’d promised her a surprise.

She’d never met him in person and only knew him as “K”, yet for the past three months, he’d plumbed the depths of Marina’s submission and had revealed within her a seemingly endless source of strength, courage, and curiosity. They’d met online, and through a carefully crafted series of rules, text messages, e-mails, and regular phone contact, Marina had come alive under his tutelage.

The dense white box now tucked between her palms formed part of his plan for her.

Letting herself into her small, immaculate condo, she set her things on the sideboard next to the door before removing every last article of clothing she wore. It was part of the protocol he’d established for her—no clothes in the house under any circumstances. While challenging at first, Marina had grown accustomed to the feel of her skin across the various surfaces in her home. A soft, fleecy blanket to cuddle on the couch. The light constriction and crinkling of her nipples as the air conditioning kicked on. The cool granite edge of the counter top pressing against her tummy as she washed dishes. Each new sensation became a revelation for her, reinforcing K’s mastery of her body and soul.

After gathering her clothes and the box and making her way to her bedroom, she fired up her laptop to see K’s instructions for the day. As expected, only one e-mail awaited her in her personal account, and it was from him.

Welcome home, Marina, and happy Saturday. Based on our conversations from earlier this week, I’m inclined to believe you’ve been looking forward to this weekend more than you normally would. Trust me when I tell you that I have too, my good girl.  

You should have received a package today. I want you to open it, explore the contents, and call me immediately after you do.

Yours as you are Mine,


Marina obeyed his orders as she always did, using a pair of nail scissors to help her slice open the tape on the box. Within the folds of pretty paper, she found three black velvety pouches, each one larger than the next. When she loosened the drawstring on the smallest pouch, a glimmer caught her eye as she deposited the heavy, bejeweled plug into her hand.

The sheer density of the pretty little toy caught her off guard. How could something so tiny, so fetching, weigh so much? And as she opened each subsequent baggie, the plugs grew in size. The last one, though not overly large, must have weighed a full pound.

Her sex and snug little rear clenched in sync with one another—the former because of the knowledge of what K intended to do with the plugs, the latter due to her relative inexperience with anal play. She bit her bottom lip as she considered the three plugs resting in her hands, gifts from the man to whom she owed a call.

Picking up the phone, she dialed her Dom as ordered, imagining him awaiting her call in his home office, bare-chested and clad only in his work slacks.

“Hello, my good girl. How do you like the present I sent?” His voice smooth and supportive, encouraging her to open herself up to him. In every sense of the words.

“Hello, Sir. I l-love them… I mean, um, they’re beautiful and I love that you think I’m ready for these.” Normally composed and confident, she secretly relished K’s ability to render her vulnerable.

“You’re ready. And, in fact, you’re going to start your plug training right now, my girl.” The breath hitched in her throat, her bottom clenching yet again. “Put the phone down, lubricate the smallest of the three, then get back on the phone so I can insert it for you.”

She followed his instructions, feeling her pussy weep in anticipation of his command of her body, and quickly snagged the phone, putting it on speaker, as she hopped back on the bed.

“I’m here, Sir. Please…please put my plug in for me.” Marina’s sotto voce plea surged from a place of longing and need she hadn’t known before meeting K. She was his to command and she obeyed implicitly.

“That’s my good girl,” he hissed through his teeth, clearly aroused at his beautiful submissive’s ready compliance. “Your hands are now my hands, Marina,” he explained. “Kneel on the bed, take the plug in my hand, spread your cheeks, and press it against your bottom hole.”

“Yes, Sir.” Imagining his deft fingers parting her rear, Marina reached around, held herself open, and nudged the heavy tip of the plug against her, the chilled metal and K’s implicit dominance eliciting a full body shudder from her.

“Now,” his voice called to her in her semi-darkened bedroom, “use light strokes to slowly stretch yourself, pumping gently, before fully seating it in that gorgeous ass of yours.”

The pure eroticism of his words emboldened her and, imagining his hands taking control of her body, she did as he commanded. After a minute or so and with a slight pinch and a low moan, her tight ring swallowed the petite, impactful plug and the jeweled end was all that remained visible, her vanity mirror providing an excellent view of her exposed bottom.

“It’s in, Sir,” she moaned, rubbing her legs together while tapping on the base of the plug with her—no, his—fingers. The weight of the toy caressed her from the inside, both unsettling and comforting her.

“What a good girl. I’m so proud of you,” he cooed, as she looked over at the opened box and eyed the other two toys remaining there. “You’re going to wear that for me the rest of the weekend—only taking it out for bathroom needs and bathing—then it goes straight back in. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Once we see how you’ve adapted, I’ll decide how long you’ll be wearing it during the week.” She couldn’t stifle the low moan from deep in her chest as she considered and clenched around the delectable toy now tucked safely inside her. “And make no mistake, Marina. These plugs aren’t training your ass to take me. I’ve got other tools at my disposal for that,” he chuckled softly. “No, these plugs are to remind you of who owns that ass, of who you submit to, of the nature of our relationship.”

Marina wished she could find the words to thank him for his dedication, for his devoted attention to her and her submission, but she was still working on accommodating the plug, suckling on it with her tight rim and exploring the sensations and emotions coursing through her.

Weighty, yet floating. Pleasantly full. Aroused. Clit pulsing. Submissive.

“And each week, I’m going to fit you with the next size, until you’re able to withstand days on end with that solid pound of plug inside you.”

“But…” Marina was unable to silence herself before the beginning of a rebuke surfaced.

“But what, Marina?” His voice carried an edge to it. A patient edge, but an edge nonetheless.

“Sorry, Sir…it’s just…it’s just I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the large plug in by myself.” She couldn’t keep the note of defeat out of her voice, but he expected honesty from her in all things. And this situation was no exception.

“Mhm,” he murmured, “I understand your concerns, and had some thoughts about that. So, I’ve got a flight to Seattle reserved for two weeks from now. If you can be my good girl and wear your plugs for me as I’ve instructed, how would you feel if I were to come out and put in the large one for you?”

In the tenure of their time together, and with her snug little passage clutching the tangible reminder of his dominance, Marina couldn’t remember a time when she’d felt more like his. And those were the best words she’d ever heard from his lips.

“It sounds wonderful, Sir,” she whispered, a tear welling in the corner of her eye. “And I’ll be your good girl.”

“I know you will, baby. Now and always. I’ll see you in two weeks…”

Release Day for Rules of the Wild (and a Romantic Excerpt!)

Rules of the Wild - Cover

My co-author, Jack Crosby, and I are excited to announce the release of our first collaboration, Rules of the Wild—now available on Amazon! And if you think that cover is something else (she says while fanning herself), just wait until you dig in to the pages of this thrilling erotic romance!

Here’s a quick blurb…and then stay tuned for a romantic excerpt guaranteed to leave you a little weak in the knees! 😉

Blurb for Rules of the Wild:

After her father’s gambling addiction finally catches up with him and his debts put her life in danger as well, Emy Forester is forced to go into hiding in Juneau, Alaska. Planning to start a new life, she finds a job at a local pub, and it is there that she first sets eyes on Tobias Wyatt.

Tobias is unlike any man Emy has ever met. The former game warden is as rugged, harsh, and uncompromising as the Alaskan wilderness he calls home. He is the kind of man a woman obeys unless she wants to feel his belt across her bare backside. The thought of belonging to Tobias should terrify her, but instead it leaves Emy’s heart racing and her panties soaked.

When Emy lets her curiosity get the better of her and flirts with Tobias one time too many, she ends up spanked until she is sobbing. Despite her blushing cheeks and sore bottom, however, his rough, dominant lovemaking proves more satisfying than she would have thought possible, and an intense, passionate romance quickly ignites between them.

Over the coming weeks, Tobias sets out to teach Emy the proper respect for the dangers of this wild, untamed land. But the men who killed her father haven’t stopped looking for her. When Tobias learns that Emy has been lying to him about her identity, will it destroy the bond they’ve built together, or will he forgive her deception and take it upon himself to protect her?

Publisher’s Note: Rules of the Wild includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Excerpt from Rules of the Wild:

“Come here, Emy.”

His voice called to me from the doorway to the bedroom. I obeyed him, as I’d done since the very beginning, and was greeted by a turned-down king bed and a couple of beeswax candles glowing on the nightstands. I curled my softness against his broad body. As he pulled me to him, I picked up on his masculine scent—motor oil, wood smoke, and hard work—and my legs rubbed together instinctually. His calloused fingers clasped my chin and tilted my head back, and his eyes looked nearly black in the shadows. But as the dancing flames flickered and reflected in his gaze, I saw his need. And felt it in kind.

Yet while my body and soul craved him, my mind refused to toe the line. I was living a lie and he was falling in love with a woman who didn’t exist. On the run, in massive debt to some of the shittiest people on the face of the planet, and all alone in the world, I had no right to feel this happiness, to enjoy the comfort of just being. Of just being with him.

Thankfully, he took control of the situation before I made any foolish attempts at pushing him away. Leaning into me and wrapping a fist in my hair, he claimed my mouth as his, communicating more than any stale, rambling monologue ever could. Who needed words when you could kiss like that?

I melted into his embrace as he tugged my lower lip between his teeth and ran his tongue just inside the edge of my mouth, exploring me and learning how I responded to him. I knew what he was doing. He was seeking out my tells. The hidden bits of information that would grant him further access to my body and soul. But while most men tried to find my hot buttons as quickly as possible so they could get their own pushed sooner rather than later, I understood that Tobias wasn’t most men. Far from it. He was finding out how I responded for the pure pleasure of making me feel warm, cherished, and protected.

And this kiss was hitting the mark.

If you’re looking for the perfect book to keep you warm on a long winter’s night, we hope you decide to give Rules of the Wild (and the oh-so-delicious Tobias Wyatt) a shot!

Promo Card - 5


A Nice, Naughty Massage for You…


I thought you all might like a nice massage to help get you through the end of the week, so I started digging through some of the first material I ever wrote (never published) and found this little scene I’d like to share with you. 🙂 (And please be gentle! This is unedited, raw footage, folks!)

To give you a little background on the story and this scene, Marcus is a Dominant and has agreed to take on and train feisty graduate student Jade as a submissive in order to help her gain a better understanding of the D/s lifestyle. At this stage of the game, he’s got her face-down, loosely bound to a padded table, and he’s intent on opening her eyes to the possibilities of what pleasure can really mean…

I detect a light scent of coconut before his oiled hands make contact with my shoulders and neck. He melts into my body, skillfully manipulating each muscle and drawing soft whimpers of pleasure from my parted lips.

“Receiving pleasure, just like receiving pain,” he explains, “is a delicate balance. Part of you needs to remain in touch with the source and the placement of the stimulus, while the other part of you needs to relinquish conscious thought and simply absorb pure sensation. It’s a balance of mindfulness and unconsciousness.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Sir,” I manage to mumble through the unmitigated bliss.

“Okay, so right now, you can feel my fingers working their way across your body. Each pressure point is registering on your senses.” He works his thumbs deep into the muscles along my shoulder blades, causing me to sigh wantonly. “Now, without ignoring the sensations I’m eliciting from you, let your mind go and become the pleasure.”

I have no idea how in the hell I’m supposed to do what he’s asking, considering how deep and intense the massage is getting. Leaving one hand resting along my spine, he grabs the bottle and drips a little more oil onto my lower back. He slides his hands over the curves of my hips, back up along my vertebrae, and then down my shoulders. The contact is heavenly. And distracting beyond all measure.

I’ve never been one for mindfulness or meditation and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know how to focus on Marcus and the massage while simultaneously surrendering to the pleasure itself. But Christ this feels wonderful…

Is he trying to turn me into some sort of hyper-aroused sex monk or something?

“You’re overthinking it and tensing up,” he chides me, sensing my internal monologue through the slight flexing of my muscles. “Don’t worry so much—we’ll work on it. For now, just enjoy the massage.”

Now this I can handle.

After a few more minutes of work on my back, he hops off the side of the table, grabbing the bottle of oil as he goes. Pouring a little more into his hands, he proceeds to massage my extremities, starting with both arms from shoulders to fingertips. Then he moves on to my legs from hips to toes. Lastly, he works on my lower back and my plump rear end. Using just a bit more oil, he kneads my rear end with firm, sensuous strokes. I would probably be more self-conscious about him being near my rear entrance and exposed pussy if I actually gave a damn about anything besides his skilled hands at this point in time. Every single touch feels like heaven.

Alternating between deep squeezes and gentle caresses, he works my backside over more than thoroughly for a good five minutes. And then, without warning, his hands are gone.

I’m too relaxed and pliable to move a muscle, but I perceive unadulterated absence without his hands touching my body. While certainly not painful, it’s the antithesis of pleasure. I want him back but am unable to verbally form the request in the midst of the hedonistic haze that’s clouded my mind.

Just when I’ve convinced myself that he’s left me here to relax and to contemplate the finer points of pleasure, he’s with me again…in a most unexpected way. Without making contact with the rest of my body, he stealthily yet firmly dips two fingers into my pussy.

And I finally understand what he’s been trying to tell me about being present while surrendering to the pleasure.

My whole body trembles uncontrollably, pulling up from the padded table, and a blast of endorphins bombards my system, flooding me with warmth and pleasure. Although his fingers are only contacting one very specific part of my anatomy, every inch of my skin senses the lingering electricity of his touch, the echo of his deep massage. He remains perfectly still inside me, but I can feel myself convulsing around him, tremors racking my restrained body. My breathing becomes uneven. It doesn’t hurt, but the second he starts pumping his fingers inside of me, I release a deep, guttural moan, manifesting my inability to grapple with what I’m feeling.

He presses a third finger into my tight wetness and I perceive an immediate change. My body stills and falls to the table. My mind becomes a flash of white that soon envelops me, while my hands flex and clench at nothingness and my toes curl upon themselves.

I can feel his fingers inside of me, working their way into my depths, but it’s a sensation of being soothed, caressed, quieted, and aroused at the same time. My breathing becomes regular again.

And I’m floating.

I hope you all enjoyed your massage… 😉

Topsy Turvy 2018…and Loving Every Minute of It

Black & White Couple w. Lace

Okay, so I’ve got two quick confessions to make:

  1. The picture I’ve attached to this post has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of said post. It’s just sexy as hell and I wanted to share it with you. 😉 You’re welcome.
  2. Generally speaking, January is my least favorite month of the year.

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s bleak, and it seems to go on forever. The Christmas decorations have all come down and the football season is nearly over. A brutal frigid snap is crossing the States and myriad responsibilities await my attention at my day job. By this point in my life, it’s a routine I’m used to and it never fails to leave me a bit down in the dumps. So when New Year’s Day rolled around again, I had every expectation that this January would play out like every other one before it. *insert sad trombone riff here*

But with a new book coming out any day now, some solid kinky ideas for new projects floating around my head, a healthy dose of naughtiness in the air, and a host of new friends that I never dreamed I’d have a year ago, this January is shaping up to be one of the best I’ve ever had!

So, thanks to all of you who are helping to make this January special! 😉

A Sneak Peek at Rules of the Wild

Tobias HunterWithin the next couple of weeks, Stormy Night Publications will be releasing the first in a new series of collaborations with my writing partner, Jack Crosby, and we couldn’t be more excited! Rules of the Wild is the beginning of our Alaska Wild series and features one of the gruffest, orneriest, and strongest heroes we’ve ever penned—Tobias Wyatt.

And, oh my word, just wait until you see the cover… *whew* 😉

But before giving you a peek at the story, here’s a brief synopsis of the novel for context. Emy Forester and Tobias Wyatt both have secrets they’d prefer to keep hidden. When they find each other against the harsh backdrop of an Alaskan winter, will Tobias’s firm hand be enough to protect Emy from the dangerous past she’s running from? Will Emy’s sass, spark, and submission convince Tobias to risk opening himself up to love again? With plenty of twists, turns, romance, and some good old fashioned discipline, Rules of the Wild is guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm on a long winter’s night…

Rules of the Wild is spanking romance at its most intimate, man versus nature at its most gripping, and a tense thriller that will keep you tapping your Kindle all night long. We hope you love our story as much as we loved crafting it!

Here’s your sneak preview! Enjoy! 🙂

“Anything wrong?” His voice carried a note of mild concern and within seconds he was at my side, gripping my shoulder protectively.

“No, I-I’m fine. Just haven’t played in a while,” I whispered, tilting my head in the direction of the cards. “I kinda gave it up a while ago.”


I’d just dropped a bombshell on him, something I’d never even shared with my closest friends, and all I got was a noncommittal two-syllable grunt. Nice, Tobias. Shifting in his grip, I managed to tilt my head up and look into his eyes. He was only about a head taller than me, but in the cramped quarters, his sheer mass seemed to double my own.

“Sit. Please.”

I did as ordered, sliding myself into the pleather booth on one side of the table. He mirrored me, taking up position across from me before screwing caps off both bottles. Christ, the man had massive hands. I felt my pussy throb as I recalled my recent nightly fantasies, fantasies in which those hands had featured quite prominently.

The quiet lapping sounds of the water against the hull were soothing, yet the silence between us kept me from relaxing. For once, I refused to be the one to break the deadlock. And it turned out to be the best decision I’d made in a while.

“I didn’t realize the cards would be an issue. Sorry about that.”

“S’okay,” I shrugged and gave him a grin.

“I know a gambler when I see one, Emy. And you’ve been rolling the dice with me since the day we met, haven’t you?”

For all the time I’d spent assessing his tells and sussing out his moods, it never occurred to me that he’d been doing the same to me. But before I could interject, he pushed forward.

“You and me, Emy, see…we’re at a crossroads. A stalemate. Pushing and pulling, clawing and scratching. It’s the way of the wild, and believe me, it doesn’t end well for either one of us if we keep on like this.”

I had no idea where he was going with this. I only knew that I wanted to be there with him when we arrived.

“So we need something to get us past the standoff between us,” he continued. “And that’s where these cards come in. But if one hand of poker is gonna be one hand too many, I’ll come up with another solution. If it makes you feel any better, we’re not bettin’ for money.”

“What’re the stakes then?” I blurted out, not able to help myself.

“I’m so glad you asked. One hand, winner takes all. If you win, you get to ask me any question you like and I’ll answer you honestly and completely.”

“And if you win?” I squeaked.

“Well, when I win, I’m gonna take you over my knee and give you the spanking you’ve been asking for since the day I met you. I don’t know about where you’re from or what you’re used to, but actions and words have consequences up here, and I think that’s a lesson that you need to learn. And I’m gonna be the one to teach you.”

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser! Please keep an eye out for Rules of the Wild, Book One in the Wild Alaska series, coming out any day now!

Mendenhall Glacier