Butthole Spankings: Actual Results May Vary

Now, there’s a title for you, huh? 😉

Earlier this week, during a chat with fellow author Kim Jones, she informed me that she was reading my latest book, Mastering His Captive. She also let me know she had a houseful of hunters back from an early-season deer run, emergency medical professionals, family members, and other “randos” hanging around her house, making it difficult for her to dig into the book.

Despite all the distractions, Kim had, however, reached the part of the story in which the protagonist, Kit, is receiving one of her first (much deserved) punishments at Vaughn’s hand: a nice spanking directly to her butthole. Please allow me to get you up to speed:

Cover - Small“Five spanks to this cute little asshole of yours,” he explained flatly. “If you lift your legs, if you let go of your ass, if you cry out, I add extra. Nod if you understand, Kit.”

She complied, feeling more sorry for herself than she had when she’d first arrived. Spanking my asshole? But she didn’t have enough time to process this information. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as he joined the index and middle fingers of his right hand, pulled back, and whipped her squarely on the anus with the back of his digits. The sharp pain radiated throughout her body and was unlike anything she’d ever felt before, a pure jolt of sublime agony that settled in her clenching gut and throbbing pussy.

Yikes. If that doesn’t twist you up a bit (for better or worse!), you’re made of sterner stuff than I… 😉

Of course, when Kim informed her guests of the exact nature of what she was reading and how perplexed she was by the feasibility of a butthole spanking, her crack team of visitors got on the case! With the help of one of their brave, fallen deer in the shed, a combination of “ninja moves,” and some “redneck” magic, they decided that the most logical conclusion was more of a “thumping” than an actual “spanking”. (Although, I assure you, it can be done…and it ain’t fun. 😉 )

Unfortunately, when you can’t get the deer in question to lend an assist, it does tend to complicate matters.

Thank you, Kim, for reading my book, for sharing your words of encouragement, and for letting me share your story!

Triple Play Q&A with Jack Crosby…and a Surprise!

Jack Crosby - 5In a world where a pantser and a plotter join forces over crappy puns, a mutual love of 80s movie montages, and amazeballs impressions of Harry Caray, there’s no telling what might happen… 

So….yeah. I guess this pretty much sums up my friendship with today’s Triple Play Q&A guest, Jack Crosby. But would you like to know the best part? Might you be a little curious about that “surprise” I mentioned in the title?? (C’mon…you know you are!)

Well, okay then! The best part is that not only have we become friends, but Jack and I have begun collaborating on a few projects as well! What started off as a challenge/dare, quickly morphed into something infinitely cooler and more prolific. And, although we’re not quite ready to announce any specifics (I’m such a tease!), let’s just say that starting early next year, you’ll start to see the first of many Jack & Jaye projects! 

We hope you enjoy our love for well-crafted, steamy stories (and our rampant idiocy) as much as we do!

But hey, after a build-up like that, how about I let Jack introduce himself, huh? Welcome to the Triple Play Q&A, Jack Crosby!

Jack Crosby - 2

Well, for starters, my name is Jack Crosby and I’m a mid 30s deviant from Philly. Important facts about me are I have a huge love of beer, bacon, and ice hockey. I also write totally off the wall adult themed books that should be taken about as seriously as the alien threat from Area 51. If you’re asking yourself how seriously you should take that, the correct answer is ‘VERY SERIOUSLY.’

In my free time, I am a computer tech for a company my father and I started a number of years ago. My home base is Chicago, but I’m hardly ever there. I’ve been fortunate enough to be published by three different presses: Bolt Publishing, Baronet Press, and Stormy Night Publications. I love my absolute crazy nonsense and hope I continue to entertain the readers for a good long time.

Jack Crosby - 1Oh, and by the way, is it cool to name drop here? Okay, good. I’m doing a few collaborations with the totally awesome Jaye Elise. You might have heard of her, she’s pretty talented. In fact, I’m 110% percent sure that’s what got me on this blog. That and my ability to Stryke* the perfect answer at any given time.
Hi all, Jaye here again. Although I usually don’t insert myself into authors’ introductions, I felt I should throw you all a bone and let you know that what you’re seeing here is a prime example of the aforementioned crappy puns. “Stryke” just happens to form a BIG part of one of our upcoming collaborations…and Jack just can’t help himself. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙂
And here we go with Jack’s Triple Play!
Of the books you’ve written so far, which is your favorite and why?

The Electric Mile, by far. It was inspired off of the novel Ready Player One and the movie Tron, except it also has a lot of naughty scenes, terrible puns, and unbelievable situations. Casey at Baronet saw my vision and let me run with it. And, as good as that one is, the sequel in my mind is even better. I hope to have that one out by the end of this year/maybe early next year.Jack Crosby - 3

What does your writing space look like when you’re in the middle of a project? 

I’m sure this will be a surprise, but total anarchy. I have notebooks of ideas lying around, empty coffee cups here and there, and sticky notes for as wide as the eye can see. I thrive in chaos and my writing exemplifies that. So yeah, just what you’d imagine after getting to know me, lol.

A Ridiculosity Ray hits the world, rendering all things…well, ridiculous. From now on, you’re only allowed to eat one food item in one specific location while reading one specific book for the rest of your life. Which food, locale, and book would you choose and why?

Bacon in Key West while reading Fahrenheit 451. I mean how could you not love eating nature’s best and most primal superfood, in a land of calamity and amazing microbrews, while reading the foremost dystopian fiction book (or is it really???) ever to be written? I’d also be on the beach, complete with white drug dealer pants and fedora, well, just because. Sorry if that sexy vision got anyone flustered while reading this at work. 😉

Jack Crosby - 4Well, there you have it. The Man. The Legend. The Bacon. Thanks, Jack, for joining me on the Triple Play today! Oh, and if you thought he was joking about his deep, abiding love for bacon, please allow me to point out that Mr. Crosby has also published a bacon cookbook. Yup. That’s for real.

Now, let’s all hope the drug dealer pants and fedora aren’t. 😉

If you’d like to find out even more about Jack, or would be interested in picking up some of his fantastic books, please click around the links below and go to town!

Triple Play Q&A with Adaline Raine

Today’s Triple Play Q&A guest is a fixture in many social media outlets for romance/erotica authors and readers, and is well-known for her fun, upbeat style and, if I do say so myself, her outstanding use of all shades of purple!

Without further ado, I’d like to give a warm welcome to Adaline Raine!

(And, pssst! Check out this purple!!!)


Hi! I’m Adaline Raine, and I’m usually called Addy by my author friends and fans. Thank you so much for featuring me today. I’m excited to be here. So, I write contemporary and paranormal romance and I typically sneak in a spanking or a threat of one. I love sexy, dominating males and strong female heroines both from a reader and author standpoint. I lean towards the kinkier side of things in writing and have been known to sneak in BDSM elements as my style. I also really like funny characters, and the sarcastic banter usually comes out.

I attended my first signing event this year and I had so much fun! It was amazing to connect with readers in person and talk about my books in an open forum. Sometimes you don’t know who is okay with erotic romance and who isn’t so everyone was so accepting there. It was also so neat to meet other authors who I have connected with over the years in person. I’m a very anxious person, but it meant a lot to get out of my shell.

I am working on a paranormal vampire series as well as some shifters for the coming year. I also just started a reader group on facebook with my fellow fellow author extraordinaire Felicity Brandon called Fierce AF (get it? Addy and Felicity?) and we’re having a lot of fun.

I just had a box set release on Halloween which has a ton of paranormal creatures and I’ve got a sweet and sexy age-play story releasing on November 27th as part of the holiday anthology A Daddy for Christmas! I actually did the cover, and it was so much fun to work on.


Thanks for introducing yourself, Addy! I think we’re ready to roll on your Triple Play

What are a few of your favorite things about being a writer?  

The community that I’m involved in. I help promote, share new releases, beta read, offer an edit, a shoulder to cry on, walk through plot twists, and they do the same for me. It takes a village to write a book!

When reading erotica (your own or that of others), what is your biggest pet peeve? (e.g. Excessive typos/poor editing? Clichéd heroes or storylines? Implausible, confusing sex scenes? Etc.)

Insta-love unless it is very clear in the blurb. Hi, I just met you—omg, we’re in bed. Ick. I do not include obvious one night stand or one night with her boss in this because it’s clear up front!

If you were walking down the street and ran into yourself at thirteen years old, what piece of solid advice would you give yourself?

Don’t ever let your dreams go, chase after them and make them happen!

Thank you, once again, for joining me today, Addy, and congratulations on the new anthology that’s about to come out! If you’d like to find out even more about Adaline, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, please click around the links below and go to town!

Triple Play Q&A with Marlee Wray

Calling the PlaysToday’s Triple Play Q&A starts off with a nice little story about our kick-ass community of kinktastic authors! And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of it! Many of us strive to cultivate and contribute to our community each and every day, investing in the successes of our fellow authors. For my part (and it’s an extremely small one, to be sure!), it’s an honor to play a role in that effort and provide authors—both new and veteran—with a network of support.

About five months ago, Marlee Wray reached out to me (by filling out the contact form on this site, no less!) as she was preparing her first book for publication with Stormy Night Publications. Over the following months, we shared stories, suggestions, and as much advice as a relative novice like myself could. A lovely friendship blossomed and I am so proud and excited to see how her writing career is beginning to take off!

So, please help me welcome my guest, Marlee Wray, whose SECOND book is set to be released today!

8 Taking Her in Hand.001Hi everyone!

I’m Marlee, and I’m really happy to be on Jaye’s wonderful blog today. I’m a voracious reader and discovering erotic romances with spanking scenes was really exciting. I think I’d been waiting years for someone to publish them; I recall reading a historical romance novel years back where the heroine was spanked and afterward the hero apologized and promised to never do it again. My first thought was, don’t apologize! Maybe she liked that. I know I did!

After reading some “spanking romances,” I started incorporating domestic discipline and elements of BDSM into my own stories. I was part of a local writer’s group, but I was hesitant to share my explicit scenes. The problem was that that’s where a lot of my story ideas took me, so I ended up writing them in secret.

I became busy with life and put my writing aside for a time. Then this year, some supporting characters from a story I’d written three years ago kept popping into my head. I wrote their (Rory & Kate’s) story, and it led to another story and another and another. Finally someone close to me said, “You really have to try to publish them.”

So I submitted a small one, Taking Her in Hand, which is set in a private community of dominants and their submissives. The story was expanded based on some really good recommendations from my editor, and it came out in late September. My second spanking romance, Calling the Plays, is out this weekend! It’s about a female professor who gets involved with the college’s celebrated football coach. So excited to see what readers think of Dean & Meghan!

The surprising thing for me has been what a variety of ideas I’ve had. Some are more hardcore BDSM, like the ones set in a sex club. Others feature women who are beginning to be disciplined by a partner, without any expectation that the kink will go farther than their own bedroom. There are also a couple of erotic fantasies set in worlds different than our own. The freedom of writing in this genre has been amazing. I can’t wait to see how readers will feel about the different stories and whether they will connect with the characters the way I have.

Fantastic intro, Marlee—thanks! And now it’s time for your Triple Play Q&A!

Taking Her in HandWhat drew you to become a writer?

I wouldn’t say I was drawn to it so much as dragged by a muse with a vise grip. 😉 Since childhood, I’ve always had a big imagination and would dream up elaborate scenes and then longer stories. Eventually, I couldn’t help but write them down so that I could read and re-read them.

Could you name a fictional character or two from books, films, cartoons, etc. that you wish you could be more like? Which aspects of theirs would you like to emulate?

Right now, I’m listening to the latest book from J.D. Robb’s In Death series, so I’m going to go with Eve Dallas for the following reasons…

I’d like to be kickass and unapologetically unconcerned about what other people think. She has a tough past that I wouldn’t want, but I think that makes her appreciate her life with her gorgeous Irish billionaire husband more, so a silver lining. I love that beneath her tough exterior, she’s empathetic and loyal. I also admire her complete commitment to her work. It’s important to make the world a more just place and to feel a sense of purpose.

Now if only she’d let Roarke spank her ass, she’d be perfect… LOL Just kidding!

If you had three wishes, what would they be? And no, you can’t wish for more wishes! 🙂

  1. World Peace
  2. Membership in an exclusive sex club that’s like the one I dreamed up for an upcoming book series. (It’s called the Marquis Club, and it’s a fantasyland for kinksters.)
  3. Financial freedom so that I could read, write, entertain, and travel to my heart’s content. The pot of gold that constitutes financial freedom would have to be big enough for me to be able to afford a beautiful lake house with a dozen guest rooms, so sometimes friends and family could stay, and other times, fellow writers could come for a retreat. If it ever happens, I promise there will be great coffee every morning and a walk along the water with a glass of wine at night. (A person can dream. Especially if that person is a writer!)

2 Calling the Plays.001Be careful what you wish for, Marlee! You may just end up with yours truly showing up at the door to your lake house, begging for a cup of coffee! 😉 A truly harrowing situation that would be, I can assure you! 

Thank you so much for joining me today, Marlee, and congratulations yet again on your release day! I’m sure Calling the Plays is going to be a big hit…and I’ll be one-clicking it later today! If you’d like to find out even more about Marlee, or would be interested in picking up some of her fantastic books, please click around the links below and go to town!