LumberjackMy next book, tentatively titled The Cabin, will most likely be released by Stormy Night Publications in September, but I thought it would be fun to share a quick snippet with you to see what you think!

For a bit of context, Kit is a struggling erotica author and Vaughn has taken it upon himself to break through her writer’s block, using every means available to him. And yes, this definitely includes spankings! In this scene, Kit has refused to eat her breakfast and, in his own indelible way, Vaughn is attempting to change her mind.


Vaughn ripped her panties off, shredding the delicate fabric and biting into her tender pussy. And then the pain really started. Without further preamble, he began to pop his hand off her exposed cheeks, alternating sides before she could absorb the stinging shock of the blows.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Every instinct in her body screamed at her to cover herself, but restrained as she was and with Vaughn’s implied threats looming largely, she bit down on her lower lip and whimpered through the fiery onslaught. And he showed no signs of stopping, peppering her without mercy. After twenty, she lost count. With her eyes screwed shut, she drew breath after rasping breath, unable to think about anything but the pain searing through her clenched ass. And about how much the spanking was sparking her desire. If the burn of his onslaught ran deep, the razor’s edge of her pleasure was just a hair’s breadth beyond, tantalizingly within reach and palpable in a way she’d never anticipated. Yet the intense ache continued to build and she knew she wouldn’t be able to withstand much more, despite wanting to tap into the itch he’d just begun to scratch.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

“You can stop this, Kit. At any time. The choice is yours. Tell me you’re sorry and that you’ll eat your breakfast like a good girl.” Even as he spoke to her in his measured voice, he didn’t let up on her for a moment. If anything, his spanking had grown more insistent. And Kit knew she was done for. If this was the kind of pain she’d subjected her heroines to throughout the years, she owed each and every one of them a sincere apology and a few bottles of wine as a peace offering.

With a blistering burn scalding her rear end and thighs and with no reprieve in sight, she let out a plaintive wail, finally giving voice to the pain she’d been bottling up since the very first spank. “Please! Please stop!” she cried.

“Tell me what I want to hear and I’ll stop.”

Crack. Crack. Crack.

“I-I’m sorry, okay?” she pleaded. “I’m sorry and I’ll eat my breakfast like a good girl. Please!” A few tears fell from her eyes down to the wooden slats below, a tiny puddle of agony beneath her.

“Good girl, Kit. Very good. Now, I want you to remember this the next time you decide to disobey me.” He caressed her burning ass and, now that the immediate source of her pain had disappeared, she was surprised by how much she was turned on by the exchange between them. While the spanking had been painfully exquisite and unsettling, it was his manner that captivated her. The raw dominance he displayed. The tacit understanding that he was in charge. Evidently, he noticed her arousal as well. “Hmm, it looks like my new little submissive may have enjoyed her first punishment a little, yeah?” He ran the tip of his index finger along her glistening slit, just barely grazing her clit before drawing it all the way to her tight anus. Circling her rim with her essence and causing her to clench, he leaned into her body and whispered into her ear, “Tell me that you liked your spanking and I’ll let you come. C’mon, Kit, you know you want to. Look how turned on you are.” He traced his middle finger along her slit, coating himself in her arousal before holding it before her. “You liked it, didn’t you?”

And I hope you liked it too! Thanks for reading.


Sneak Peek at The Cabin

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